Posted by: bourbonmama | 29/09/2008

See, we’re still young

We used to LOVE to open our doors to our friends and family and have a party. These were usually planned with in 24 hrs. The night before, we’d decide it had been too long since our house had been full of laughter, and music, and people. That day, we’d call all our friends and brothers and tell them to come over. We’d buy bottles of Turkey, and cases of beer, and Philip would end up on his drums, Everyone would stay late and 9 times out of 10, one of my brothers would be sleeping on my couch in the morning.

Philip says we’re too old for this now. He says that we can’t have a bunch of people in the house while Nate is here. He says that people need more than 24 hours notice to go out. I set out to prove him wrong.

Friday night, I started making phone calls to those we hold dear. I dug out the recipes for my homemade brownies and artichoke dip. 24 hours later, we were having a party! Not like the old parties with bottles of Wild Turkey in the freezer, a random brother on the couch, and Philip on the drums. OK, there were still bottles of Wild Turkey (you can take the girl outta the trailer park….) (actually I never lived in a trailer park, but I totally would have fit in) (and, yeah, parentheses back to back like this, it works right? whatever, I’m doing it anyway). This was a grown-up party…kinda. I made finger foods and homemade brownies, and arranged a veggie tray, lit candles; it looked like Martha Stewart’s dopey second cousin decorated the table. In case you’re wondering, this is good for me, so good. The majority of my “cooking” comes from a box. We eat dinner in front of the TV at the coffee table, we are not classy. At all. But I was able to pull a little bit of class out of this gorgeous rear end of mine and host a party.

Our friends Chris & Judy* and their kids Jordan & Donavan, came over first, which Nate loved. Donavan is almost 2 and by the end of the night Nate had warmed up to him and was crawling behind as much as possible. Then Cory & Tomela showed up with Cory’s 2 1/2 yr old boy Conner and then there were kids running all over my house. Meanwhile, I was able to give Nate a bath, a bottle and put him to bed. It took 45 minutes. I said a little prayer that he actually sleep through the night for once this week, and closed his door. Chris, Judy, Jordan, and Donavan left, then Cory, Tomela, and Conner left. And it was quiet for a moment. And I poured a stiff drink, and had a cigarette.

Then came the crowd with no kids. First Johnny, then Ernie with his guitar, Then Robyn and Jessee, straight from the UK game, then my brothers Carl and Jason, then another brother, Dennis with his girlfriend Emily, who spent so much time kissing my ass it was sad, I guess it’s better than her being a dumb bitch like most of the girls my little brothers bring around. And then Dana came, and Emily spent time kissing my ass through her. “Ohh, you’re Dana, I saw your pictures on Caroline’s Myspace page. I’ve bee wanting to meet you forever. I know that if you’re friends with Caroline, then you have to be a kick-ass chick. Caroline doesn’t mess around with anyone who isn’t cool, I know that!” (I’m serious, these words actually came out of her mouth). It was hard not to laugh at her blatant attempts to win me over. And it was wonderful. It has been too long since we had people over. We stayed up too late, drank a little too much, and laughed and talked a little too loud, and it was the best night I’ve had all year long. And Nate slept until 8:00 Sunday morning. So I proved my point to Philip that we can still pull a party together in less than 24 hrs, and we can still have people in our house with our boy. I think we’ll have to do it again soon.

OK,here’s the part where I’m a clumsy jack-ass. After every body left, I was cleaning up the living room and putting away chairs. In my alcohol-induced state, I thought I could lift a bunch of stacked metal chairs above the baby jail, I could not, and I made a ton of noise trying. Philip comes running into the room. “What the hell are you doing?”
“Trying to put away these chairs!”
No, that’s not all. Then, I go to the bathroom to pee, brush teeth, stuff like that, before heading to bed. I’m trying to be extremely quiet as I lower the lid, it slips, and slams down. Nate’s crib is on the other side of the wall. Philip comes running in. “What the hell is wrong with you?”
“I’m trying to be quiet!”
“Good job on that one…”
None of this woke up our sleeping angel.

* I was going to use just letters instead of full names, but then I realized that it got to be a little confusing after awhile, and really, it’s like all of my friends’ names start with a J. So, I figured to hell with anonymity, besides it’s just the first names.**
** New rule, if your name is on here, and your reading this, you have to leave me a comment! You know who you are (and I know who 2 of you are–don’t make me call y’all out)!


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