Posted by: bourbonmama | 07/10/2008

One Hell Of A Weekend

And it was. Work is not as hard on me as I first suspected. I am so grateful to have Philip. He is stretched between work and school, but still finds the time to help me give Nate a bath or just give me a break. He got home around 12:30 Saturday night. Poor guy had had like 0 sleep. He got up Sunday morning to take care of the boy while I got ready for work. Then, I left. I abandoned them both. Of course4, after I’d been at work for an hour, it was announced that one person was needed to go home and one to float (meaning you’ll be moved to another room for the day). I went home. Boy, was Philip thrilled. He jumped up from the recliner and ran into the bedroom, not to be heard from for six hours. SIX HOURS! Wow, I should get some sort of award or something. It was wonderful to be home with Nate Sunday and all day yesterday. We didn’t even leave the house for a walk. I couldn’t bear to share him with anyone. And, now, I am dreading going back to work tomorrow. Five whole days in a row. *it’s only a month, it’s only a month…*

This is my newest present from Philip, it allows me to leave the room and go pee every few hours (please ignore the mess behind the baby).

This is what I found the other day…

Looks like Nate hates it, huh?

BTW, wouldn’t you just kill for that red hair, or is it just me?

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