Posted by: bourbonmama | 14/10/2008

Like Fine Wine

I’m another year older. Twenty-eight. Saturday was my birthday. It was the most uneventful birthday I’ve had, it was also, the best. The first sober birthday I’ve had since I was 14 was last year, I was pregnant. I had planned last year to do it up big this year. I didn’t follow through with that plan. I had worked all day and had to go back in the next morning. Philip brought home Qdoba, which, by the way, is the best fast food Mexican ever, and we had a quiet evening at home. I had one stiff drink and watched Philip and Nate cuddle and play. It was so sweet that it almost brought me to tears. This was enough for me, but Philip decided that I needed a gift, so he brought home an easel that sits on the table. I’ve been admiring the $70 easel for 2 years. Best birthday ever.

Halloween is coming up. Nate will be 9 mos old, is that too young for trick-or-treating? Philip and I both come from families that didn’t celebrate the dress up and get free candy holiday (it’s the devil’s day, and we don’t celebrate the devil!). I vowed at a very young age to never deprive my children of it. Philip says that Nate will be too young, next year should be his first year. I want to dress him up and use him to get myself some free candy. What are your thoughts?

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