Posted by: bourbonmama | 12/11/2008

More from my classy neighbors

OK, here it is, what I promised would happen. The second instalment of “My White Trash Neighbors.” I am still figuring out all of the settings on my camera (I’m like an old lady when it comes to electronics). So, sorry about the quality, I had to mess with the exposure so it would all show up. Enjoy (and be glad you don’t live on my street)!

OK, these are both taken from across the street, I’d like to note the inflatable thing in the driveway on the right. Yes, behind that car is an inflatable snow globe with a moving carousel inside. They ran out of room in their yard and had to start using the driveway.



Here is the view from my driveway (again, so sorry about the quality):

The best thing of all? They have speakers outside playing Christmas music all night long. At first, I thought it was one of the inflatables, but then I realized that it was different every time I heard it. This has been going on since November 2nd. Two years ago, they took it down the last weekend in January, last year, it was around the third week. Anyone want to bet when this crap is going to go away?



  1. You have got to be kidding me. I’m so sorry for that. I have to admit most of my neighbors have decent taste in decorations.
    The music would be going bye bye though. Is there not noise control in your city/county?

  2. There is noise control, but they always have it turned off by 10:00. This is an hour after the times set by the city (7a-9p), but who wants to be the scrooge that calls the cops on someone playing Christmas music? Not me. It’s the only thing keeping me from doing something about it.

  3. Wow. To play the devils advocate..I’m sure the kids love it! (at least my 2.5 yo would!!). Hopefully it will be down by the first week in January. I’ll keep my fingers crossed (especially for your sanity!)


    it’s purdy at night.

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