Posted by: bourbonmama | 20/11/2008

On Sleep

Forty-five minutes ago, I laid Nate down in his crib while he was awake. We are trying something new in our house. Falling asleep on your own. And, apparently, it’s working.

*Crap. I actually started this post yesterday, before our phone and internet service cut out. I had almost finished it when I realized that I’d been kicked off line. I thought more of it had been saved. So, anyway, to recap, Nate fell asleep after about 20 minutes of singing to himself. Last night he did the same, No rocking, no nothing. I take him into his room, give him a long hug and a kiss, lay him down with his blankie, cover him up, tell him, “Mama loves you! Sweet dreams,” and 20 minutes later, he’s asleep. This has now worked a total of six times. Not once has he cried.

I had heard so many horror stories about teaching babies to put themselves to sleep. The hours and hours of crying. Timing how long before you can go and sooth them to sleep, and then someone told me that you can’t even pick them up, just pat their back! I was petrified! I did not want to do that to my baby.

The nurse practitioner told me at his 6mos visit that I needed to start putting him to sleep on his own, I ignored her. Philip started telling me that it was time, I ignored him, too. Then, at his 9mos visit, the NP told me again to put him to bed awake, I rolled my eyes at her. I was so not going to do that.

Then, Wednesday night, after trying all of my usual tricks, he just stared at me and whined and tried to pick my nose. It was an hour past bedtime. He was in that stage of I’m so tired that I’m just going to fight it with all I got left. So, I said to myself, ‘Self, we’re (I always talk to myself in third person) gonna try this. We’re gonna put him down and see if it works. I’m sure it won’t, but at least you’ll be able to pee.’ So, I laid him down and covered him up, and walked out of the room. Philip and I sat in his office and listened to Nate sing himself to sleep on the monitor. It took about thirty minutes. No tears, no back rubbing, no not being able to hold my child, none of that. This is great, I know. I also know that it could still get worse, but for now it’s working so it’s what I’m doing. Only, I feel a little disappointed, he doesn’t need me to fall asleep any more. Apparently, my baby boy is growing up.


  1. What an awesome milestone! Props to you for following your gut :)

    (I’m a firm believer that the mom-gut-instinct rarely leads you down the wrong path!)

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