Posted by: bourbonmama | 10/12/2008

Way Back Wednesday

I’ve been pretty nostalgic lately. Christmas always does that to me. I was thinking this morning about my first apartment. Then I realized that it was ten years ago. Ten years. A decade. This is some sort of milestone, right? It’s almost as scary as 30. Almost. So anyway, to mark this milestone (scary as it may be), I’m gonna dig into my memory every Wednesday, to way back when.

Just to warn you, my first Way Back Wednesday is going to be about boobs, or more specifically, my lack there of. I’ve never had anything more than an A cup. I’ve never had any hips to speak of, either. I much resemble a 12 year old boy, with really long hair. That is, until I got pregnant. Too bad that didn’t last.

By the time I was in 5th grade, most of my friends were wearing training bras. I wanted one soooooooo bad. It didn’t matter that I would go on to wear it for almost 2 years before I graduated to an AA. A couple of days before my 11th birthday, I told my mother very matter-of-factly that it may be time to get me one. My mother had five boys and two girls. My sister had started wearing a bra in the third grade. My mother had to force it on her. She cried. I used to joke that she had stolen all the boob genes before I could even get to them. My mother did not know how to handle it.

It would also be good to explain that in my family, we make fun of each other. It’s not done meanly, and sometimes it gets taken little too far, but it’s just one of the dysfunctional ways we communicate. It was not uncommon for someone to call you out at the dinner table on some super embarrassing thing that you had done earlier. Everyone would get a good laugh at your expense and life would go on. You’d get thast person next week. This does not excuse my mother for what she did next, but it may give you some insight as to why she would think this was an OK thing to do to a young girl.

My birthday dinner. Birthday dinners were awesome. You got to pick the menu, what ever you wanted. I chose cheeseburger pie, don’t ask, apparently I’m the only one who ever liked it, which is of course why I chose it in the first place. My best friend Amber was there. I was on top of the world, eating my dinner on my birthday and my ice cream cake was in the freezer just waiting for me. Then, half-way through dinner, she said it. She said it like it was a joke, the same way she’d told them other stupid things I’d done or said a million times before. But this time was different, this time it crossed a line. “Do you know what Mary [I was Mary back then, but that’s another Wednesday] told me the other day?” She chuckled, “She told me she thinks she’s ready for a training bra!” I just stared at her. I was a deer caught in head lights. Everything was happening in slow motion. I looked around the room, my brothers were all laughing, my sisterjust as wide-eyed as me, then I remembered Amber was there. I turned next to me and her mouth was gaped open, astonished that my mother would say that. Mortified, I ran to my room. Needless to say, my eleventh birthday was ruined. The next day, she took me shopping, I got five new training bras. Not cool, Mom.

Looking back on this, I’m able to laugh. So, I hope that my 11 year old embarrassment brought some humor to your day. Hope you enjoyed your induction into Way Back Wednesday.



  1. Oh wow, I totally remember this day. I remember that cheeseburger pie was an odd treat for me that my mom would have never allowed in our at that time still healthy household! I loved it by the way and I think I begged my mom to make it but she refused. Of course a few years later we were eating Rally’s for dinner, but I guess you were gone by then. I am into this way back Wednesday, it’s to bad we lost touch so long ago. I will be in town on Friday night, I’ll give you a call at some point, I’m there for 10 days.

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