Posted by: bourbonmama | 14/12/2008

What did you do to Brad?

I saw Brad Pitt on TV the other day. He was doing some interview about New Orleans. Maybe on the Today Show? I searched for a picture, but couldn’t find it. Remember when he was hot?




Yeah, Legends of the Fall hot.







Before Angelina hot.



I don’t know what that dead in the eyes bitch she did to him, but it’s not good. Did she tell him that she thinks creepy pedophile mustaches look good?






Take a closer look at it. Go ahead.







Sorry, Brad, you are so not Carey Grant. And it is so not 1945.







Brad just looks skeasy and makes me feel dirty for having 14 year old fantasies about him. And, to make it even worse, the whole interview, he was wearing this pashmina thing. Seriously, Brad. You look ridiculous. My theory is that is some sort of freaky dominatrix thing going on with Angie. I think she has some control issues (among many others). Remember before she was with the UN, when she was making out with her brother and wearing a vial of Billy Bob’s blood? That girl is a freak. F.R.E.A.K. And now she’s gone and ruined Brad. Say it ain’t so, Brad. Jen would never have done that to you.

p.s. I found the interview, here ya go…

Gawd, he even sounds douche-baggy.

* I have no idea where these pictures came from.  I just did a google image search and these are the ones that illustrated my point.



  1. LOL. Seconded on the mustache, that Bo Duke lookin’ summummabitch.

  2. You need to join the facebook group for people who hate pashminas. That was hilarious!
    Yes, Brad Pitt is nasty after that skankbag got a hold of him.

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