Posted by: bourbonmama | 17/12/2008

Way Back Wednesday #2

Before you even say it, I know, it’s Thursday. It’s a crazy week, y’all. So, this week, we’re going waaaaaaaay back, to my very first memory. A little background, first. I have a huge family. There are 7 of us kids. That’s 5 brothers and 1 sister. I am number 4. By the time my mother got pregnant with me, she was an old pro. She did not want to go to the hospital. Hospitals are for sick people. So, she had me at home, in her bed, with a midwife, completely natural. Three years, two months, and eight days later, she did the same with my little brother, Dominic. He turns 25 tomorrow. My aunt was in town, for Christmas, my grandmother was there, as well as my sister and father. I don’t remember my 2 older brothers being there, but at the time, they were 11 and 13, so it was probably a pretty gross idea to watch their mother give birth.

My aunt, Elisa, was a Montessori teacher, so she was a big hit with all of us as kids. She sat and read The Giving Tree to me and taught me how to write my name. Every couple of minutes, I would ask if my baby sister was ready to come out, yet. I was obsessed with getting a baby sister. For a long while after, I called Dominic my sister and dressed him up and made him have tea parties with me. Anywho, we played Rummy, I remember that, I was on Dad’s team. I don’t remember my mother ever acting like she was in pain. The only source of light was a small lamp on the bedside table next to my mother’s head. I gave a golden sepia tone to everything.

All at once, there was a commotion, I got pushed out of the way. All the adults in the room rushed towards the bed. It seems like seconds later when I heard my mother say, “Why isn’t he crying?”

The midwife unwrapped the umbilical cord from his neck and patted him on the back. He let out a wail. “Is that my baby sister?”

“No, you’re baby brother,” said Elisa.

“No, that’s my baby SIS-ter.”

Happy birthday, baby brother. Love you.


That’s Shellie with brand new Dominic

I had to crop this one because I was giving a major panty shot


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