Posted by: bourbonmama | 08/01/2009

Meanest. Boy. Ever.

In our 6+ years together, Philip and I have gone through our ups and downs. We’ve had major blow out fights, screamed (me) and yelled (him), thrown plates and cordless phones (me) and punched holes in walls (him). We have called each other every name in the book, saying things just to hurt the other. But, never has Philip said anything so mean, so cruel, so heartless, as he did the other night. He called me “nearly 30.” Even as I type it, my palms sweat and my heart races. The thing is the way he used it. He was making fun of the way I dress and threatening to call Stacey and Clinton to “please come teach this nearly 30 year old woman how to dress.” Like it’s just some way to describe me, like calling me short or brunette. It just rolls around in my head like some ominous thing that I’ve know was coming, was inevitable, and yet, I’ve been running from it. Second star to the right and straight on till morning.* growing old is the scariest thing in the world to me. And while I know how close I am to 30, that’s the first time anyone has actually used it in context with my age. I think I’ll go read some fairy tales and try to regain a little youth!

*It’s the way to Neverland.



  1. Don’t worry about turning thirty…I’m planning on celebrating the anniversary of my 29th birthday for the rest of my life the year after I turn 29 :)

    p.s. I’ll try to get the interview questions to you soon!!

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