Posted by: bourbonmama | 19/01/2009

WBW #5: Nate, Part 2: The Waiting

I’ve started this post at least four times. I wanted to tell you about my pregnancy, but now that I’ve tried, and failed, four times, I realize that I don’t want to revisit that time. In case you haven’t figured it out, I HATED being pregnant. This was a huge surprise to me considering that I had been waiting for that moment since I was a teenager. So, here’s a list of pros and cons of hosting a parasite. (seriously, that’s what it felt like, no I’m not a bitch.) (OK, I am a bitch, but I’m not purposefully being a bitch at the moment.)

PRO: You can eat for 2 (or 200, like I did).
CON: Everything you eat comes right back up 20 minutes later.

PRO: Your boobs get huge!
CON: Your belly gets big, too. And you run the risk of looking like a slutty pregnant woman when you show off your new found cleavage (flaunt it while you got it was my motto).

PRO: People will do just about anything for you
CON: People will not let you do anything for yourself

PRO: When waiting tables while pregnant, people feel sorry for you and give bigger tips
CON: When waiting tables while pregnant, people feel like they are allowed to touch you and ask personal questions like the baby’s due date, sex, and name. BTW, if you’re thinking these are acceptable things to ask a random pregnant woman, they ARE NOT.

PRO: If you are pregnant in the winter, you are nice and toasty, while everyone else is freezing.
CON: If you are pregnant during the summer, you are sweltering in 80 degree weather.

PRO: feeling the baby move around inside of you
CON: Feeling the baby cram him/herself into your ribs/spine/bladder/stomach/lungs/etc in the middle of the night.

PRO: The mood swings
CON: The mood swings

I’ve run out of pros, so here are a few more cons: being introduced as a carrier for some one’s new grandchild; gaining 74 lbs in 7 1/2 months; having Preeclampsia; being on bed rest for a month; my mother trying to name my baby, thus cancelling out every name she mentioned, lest she feel like she had any part in naming my child; being poked and prodded every month, then every two weeks, then every week; being so damn tired…..

I think that’s it, or at least all you wanted to hear. So, here are Nate’s ultra sound pictures for you all to enjoy. Please ignore the fact that my name is on them, you know anonymity and all.

I didn’t get to see my doctor until I was 13-14 weeks(hooray, Medicaid!), so my first ultra sound looked like a baby, not a Lima bean like most of them.

This is at 22 weeks when we found out Nate was a boy.

Because I was Preeclamptic, I was induced and got a third ultrasound 4 days before giving birth. He looks like he’s blowing me kisses!


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