Posted by: bourbonmama | 24/01/2009

Get Ready, Set, Go!

In one week from today, my sister and her husband will be here. One week from tomorrow, I will be hosting a one year old’s birthday. Ohh. My. God. Yesterday, I spent a good part of the afternoon on my hands and knees, all Cinderella style with a bucket and a rag, in our bathroom, hallway, and kitchen. Then I switched out a bunch of the pictures in my frames. I found this picture of myself at around 6-9 months. People outside of my family tend to tell me that Nate looks just like Philip. While he is very much like Philip in his temperament and makes a lot of the same facial expressions, aside from the color of his hair, he doesn’t look a whole lot like him. I think people just say that he resembles Philip because he’s a boy. If I had a girl that looked like Philip, they’d probably tell me she looked just like me.

Anyway, I put the picture of me sitting on my great-grandma’s lap in a frame and put it near this picture of Nate in Philip’s lap. That’ll prove them wrong! Ha! Tell me my baby doesn’t resemble me, again, person who’ll probably never see either of these pictures! Yeah, I know, I’m crazy.
Now I’ll be off to scrub my baseboards with a toothbrush!
Cinderelly, Cinderelly, mop the floors, ciderelly…


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