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WBW #6: Nate, Part 3: The Arrival

Eight days before my due date, my doctor informed me that after a month of bed rest and closely monitoring almost all of my bodily functions, my blood pressure had still not gone down enough to be in the “safe zone.” I was already far enough along to induce my labor safely. I came back two days later, on a Friday, to be hooked up to monitors (apparently I was having contractions, but I never felt them), and get a third ultrasound. My induction was scheduled for the following Tuesday at 6 am. All weekend, I expected to go into labor, but nada. So, Tuesday morning, Philip and I get up early, I am starving, but can’t eat a thing. We drive to the hospital, it was an uncharacteristically warm morning. I was wearing a t-shirt and a hoodie. We got to the hospital, got checked in, and got to my room where what little modesty I had was about to go out the window.
I changed into the backless gown, peed in a cup, and then sat down in the bed while the nurse hooked up the petocin (to induce me) to an IV and strapped a belt around my belly to monitor Nate’s heart rate and my contractions. This was around 8. Then, my doctor shows up and informs me that he is going to break my water. I knew what to expect, I had paid attention in those childbirth classes. No big deal. OK, so apparently, Preeclampsia causes you to retain a lot of water. A lot. The nurse is pressing down on my belly and all this fluid is just gushing out (I warned you). Another nurse is called in, “Oh my God,” she says as she walks in the room. They work quickly to change my linens. Ten minutes later, they have to come back and do it a second time. This time they decide that I could be a good training tool, so they bring a bunch of nursing students with them to gawk at me. Nice.
Philip took his cue and went out to the waiting room to get my parents. So, my mom and dad came back there, and there wasn’t a whole lot happening for a while. After about 45 minutes, I felt a contraction. “Ohh, that kinda hurt.”
Then a couple minutes later, I felt another one. “Wow, that hurt.”
Then came another. “Damn!”
Then came another, this time longer, “Ohh my God.”
Then with what seemed like no rest, another, “Holy Fuck!”
I looked at my dad as he left the room. “He just doesn’t want to see you in this kinda pain,” my mother told me. Philip just kept trying to hold my hand during the contractions. I had no interest in touching him. I just held onto those bars and pulled. This went on for an eternity (probably 45 minutes, tops) until finally, the nurse came back in. “Can I have my epidural, now?”
Umm, you’re not that far along yet and we don’t want it to wear off. Do you want some stadol?”
“Yeah, whatever, just something.”
So, she hooks up the stadol to the IV I already have stuck in my arm. I instantly feel it. My dad comes back and Philip says his parents and brother are in the waiting room, they’d like to come see me, could they now that I was feeling a little bit better. “Yeah, sure, whatever.” Philip’s parents came to say hi, chat, you know. Not the best time, but I didn’t care at that point. Lots of women describe stadol like being drunk. These women probably don’t have as checkered a past as I do. I say it feels like ecstasy. My muscles relaxed, my eyes kept wanting to roll back in my head, and my skin tingled all over.
Then I peed on myself. My eyes shot open, “Where’s Philip?”
“He went to talk to his parents,” mom said, “you OK?” I looked at my father that was looking at me in such a strange way.
“Do you want me to leave, honey?” His voice was all choked up.
“Yes.” Dad turned and walked out the door. “Call the nurse, I peed myself.” For some reason I just couldn’t let my dad know that I’d wet the bed. About 20 minutes after my fourth sheet changing, the pain came back. I was still all loopy, but in a ton of pain. This was around 1:30. I’m not going to get into it, but it hurt. I said words in front of my mother that I never want to repeat. Nurse comes in, checks me, I’;m still at 4 cm. For 4 1/2 hours, I haven’t dialated at all, so they finally give me my epidural to relax me. The tree of us sit and watch the contraction on the monitor. I never felt another one.
The nurse comes back in, Nate’s heart rate was slowing down, I needed some oxygen, they hooked me up with one of those annoying masks and hooked me up to an ultrasound machine. Nate was not moving down. This was at 4. I was still only 4 cm. Seven hours of active labor and I had not changed at all. She leaves and comes back five minutes later and starts talking to me about a c-section. Philip wasn’t there, he had gone to tell his parents what was going on. I hadn’t seen my doctor in forever (yeah medicaid!). “Is the doctor going to come back and check her? I think Philip would want him to come check her before we sign any forms.” Thank God my mom was there. Philip walks in and the nurse goes to call my obgyn. I tell him what’s going on, then she comes back saying that the doctor will be here soon. I start crying and freaking out. The nurse tries to reassure me by telling me that they don’t have to go straight up my belly, I’ll still be able to wear a bikini. Yeah, thanks, that’s what I’m worried about right now. My doctor gets there, examines me and says that yes, I am going to have to have a c-section. We sign forms, Philip gets suited up, they put an anesthetic in my epidural (yeah, more drugs!), and they roll me into the operating room.
Philip thinks it’s the coolest thing ever and takes a picture of Nate’s first breath. I hear him cry and I fall in love. In two seconds, he is laying on my chest while the doctors are sewing me up. I count his toes and kiss his fingers. “He looks kinda big.”
“Eight pounds, fifteen ounces.”
“Oh my God! No wonder you couldn’t come out!”
At 5:06, on the 29th of January, 2008, my life changed forever. I was given the most amazing honor and responsibility of raising this little person. Happy Birthday, David Nathaniel. You are my world.

David Nathaniel

29 January 2008

David Nathaniel

28 January 2009



  1. You make child birth funny! I’m pretty sure I can wait for these experiences. Thanks for sharing!

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