Posted by: bourbonmama | 29/01/2009

In Which I Analyse Promotional Stickers

The other day I received an offer in the mail to become a member of a Disney Movie Club. The first 3 are only $5, but you have to commit to buying a bunch more at regular price–what? That’s a GREAT deal. I get to pick four movies from a list of crappy movies like the sixth edition of Aladdin and then agree to buy five more at regular price in a year. Where do I sign up? Anyway, to entice me, they sent me these darling little stickers of the main characters. Looks harmless, right? Take a closer look, notice anything weird?

Don’t feel bad if you don’t, Philip didn’t notice it until I pointed it out to him. You should be singing, or at least humming, “Which one of these is not like the others, which one just doesn’t belong…”

That’s right, good old Daisy Duck. Why is everyone else all 3D and computer generated, while she is still 2D, and looking like she did in 1984? What’s Disney got against ducks? But, it’s only girl ducks, because Donald’s doing just fine, he’s even got two stickers, just like Mickey and Goofy (even though Donald’s is the same pose, just mirrored). This is definitely sexism. While all the guys got tow stickers, Minnie and Daisy are stuck with just one, like Pluto. They’re on the same level as the DOG. And, Daisy, poor Daisy, can’t even join the 21st century with her friends. So there you have it, Disney is discriminating against females, especially female ducks, in their promotional stickers. Or, I am just over-analytical and someone had to meet a deadline in the Disney sticker design department. (“Oh, NINE characters, I thought you only wanted eight! Give me five minutes!”)

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