Posted by: bourbonmama | 10/02/2009

WBW #7: My Family, Part 1: The Mother

I’ve mentioned my mother before. All you know about her is that she’s a drunk. So, I figured I’d use this opportunity to tell you what else I know, giving you a little insight as to why I am so crazy. Plus, I’m drawing a blank trying to come up with a new WBW (yes, I know it’s Tuesday, shut up). So, here it goes…

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a girl named Marcia (there isn’t a fairy tale ending, so I figured I’d give it a fairy tale beginning). She was the oldest of 3 children born to an abusive (but only towards his daughters), alcoholic WWII vet and his very quiet, meek wife. He would beat Marcia and her sister regularly with a 2×4 while his wife looked the other way. Marcia and her sister were never as important to her father as their baby brother.
She went to high school with all of the “old money” kids. She dated a guy named Clayton, who went to another high school, for all of her high school years. They were going to get married. She was going to escape the clutches of her evil father, once and for all. All she had left was her senior year. And then, she got pregnant. OK, this is where the story gets a little foggy. My sister and I were the ones who were told this story in many different drunken pieces. I was told that she found out she was pregnant, told Clayton, and he disowned her, calling her a whore and saying it wasn’t his. My sister was told that it was date rape (not in those words, it was more like “Blah, blah, drunken mumble, your brother’s not really your brother, blah blah, my kids don’t love me, mumble, mumble, I didn’t even know what date rape was back then…” so, it was pieced together). We have come to the conclusion that she has convinced herself that it was because that’s what she told her father to save herself some of the beating that was sure to follow.

But Marcia, had someone on her side, someone to rescue her and her unborn child, and she didn’t even know it. Dennis sat behind her in history class. She was any and every thing he’d ever wanted. And even though he knew that she was unattainable, he never dated anyone else. Hanging on to the hope that one day, she’d be his. They were friends, Marcia had never even considered Dennis as anything more, she was in love with Clayton, they were going to get married and live happily ever after. This is where it gets a little foggy, again. I don’t know how it happened, or what was said to my grandparents or to Clayton and his parents or to my other grandmother, but three months later, my parents were married.

Six months after their wedding day, Marcia gave birth to a baby boy named Lee Anthony (Tony). It was a tradition in Dennis’ family to name the oldest boy Something Anthony, that way everyone had an Uncle Tony. He had done the ultimate in accepting this child as his own. Dennis gave up his dream of going to college and started working overtime to support his new wife and child. Dennis was her Knight in Shining Armour.

I think this is a good stopping point. Stay tuned for the next installment of the soap opera that is my life…



  1. **Chewing on fingernails**
    Hurry up already!!!

  2. That is so sweet. The world needs more Dennises.

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