Posted by: bourbonmama | 11/02/2009

Baby Steps

I’ve just now settled down from stress of the party, ice storm, and family in town. I just realized that I hadn’t told you that Nate is now walking. Really walking. For months we’ve been begging him to walk. He started cruising back in late September. His birthday inched closer and closer, every day, Philip and I would tell him to walk, and while he’d taken one or two steps out into nothing (i.e. nothing to hold on to), it always ended with a plop on his butt and then hyper crawling. The night of his birthday, I went outside to smoke (shut up, I know), and left Nate in the kitchen with Philip. When I came back, he was standing at a chair. He looked up at me, said, “Mummm!” and walked over to me! He took like 9 steps, stopped, turned and walked over to the cat fountain, and knelled down. Like he’d done it a million times before. It was the most beautiful thing ever, until he reached for the cat food.

Now he is moving so fast. He’s like a little Weeble-Wobble. (Oh my god, they have new ones, Nate is totally getting some!)


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