Posted by: bourbonmama | 17/02/2009

Things That Make Me White Trash

First, Shelli did it, then I followed the links, and found The Redneck Shower. So here it goes, reasons that I am a redneck.
1) I was born in KY.
2) The only other place I’ve ever lived was in the Appalachian Mountains of TN.
3) Which is where I got my edumucation.
4) Or lack there of, cuz I actually dropped out and got me a GED.
5) The first alcohol I ever had was the peach from a bottle of white lightnin’.
6) I was in a trailer at the time.
7) The first place Philip and I had together was a trailer, on a farm, with tail lights. Our guess was that it was circa early 1960’s. We were actually the last tenants, now they use it to store produce and tools and crap. I read redneck mommy’s post after compiling this list, she’s got me beat. Although, our trailer did look alot like her’s but with out the paint job and our wheels were long gone.
8) We were thrilled to have it, thought we were livin’ like kings!
9) While we were living there, we had 2 broken down cars in front of our “house.”
10) Bourbon is my drink of choice.
11) As soon as it’s warm, I quit wearing shoes.
12) I have had to drive back home from the grocery store to get shoes.
13) And, most recently, I opted out of a shotgun wedding and decided to just go on living with my boyfriend when I got pregnant.
14) We will be common law (7 yrs) in 4 months.

That’s not so bad is it?


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I think you have me beat though. My parents house has wheels, but its one of them there fancy schmancy double-wides, so I don’t know if it really counts!

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