Posted by: bourbonmama | 23/02/2009

Like Another Hole In My Head

OK, this is called, I’m bored, and boring, and no one wants to hear about my morning at the WIC office. I googled “Caroline needs a” and these are the first 10 (excluding the the ones with it spelled Carolyn, people named Caroline Needs, and all the other Carolines with blogs that have already done this) (Because I am so original).

1) Caroline needs a spanking=) —Seriously, no lie, that was the first one.
2) For Safety, Caroline Needs a New Tower —Well, if it’s for safety’s sake.
3) Caroline Needs Elected BOE —Apparently Caroline is a place, and what the hell is a BOE, and how does one go about getting elected as one?
4) Princess Caroline needs prayers —Do I ever! And I am so happy to see that someone out there is giving recognition to my royal blood.
5) Caroline needs a job —I have a job, it’s called “mama”. Although it would be nice to get paid for it.
6) Caroline needs your help…finding a potential suitor onlineummmm, if that suitor is interested in showering me with sparkly gifts and is willing to come clean my house 3 times a week with absolutely nothing in return except eternal gratefulness from Philip and myself, then sure, bring it on. Who am I kidding? We all know I’d show a little leg for some regular cleaning.
7) Caroline needs a kiss —I have no witty comment for this one…
8) Caroline needs a smack from Abby!WOW. The only Abby I know is Philip’s niece, and I can totally take that 8 year old! (I’m sure you know that I’m joking, but just to clarify, I would never “take” a child)
9) Caroline needs to work for senate seat —again, I’ve got nothing.
10) Caroline needs a hand —This could be taken one of two ways: I either need a hand, as in applause, or I need a hand, as in help. I will take either one, thank you!

If any of you are still there, I offer my apologies. I will make up for this crappy Monday post with a fan-freaking-tastic Way Back Wednesday.



  1. I’m lmao…I think I may see what Shelli needs…

    At least you’re not inventoring your son’s socks on a spreadsheat!

    Check this out for the true meaning of boredom…or just plain insanity!

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