Posted by: bourbonmama | 25/02/2009

WBW #9: Not So Way Back When…

I know, I know, I promised you all a great post(all 4 of you), but it has been a rough couple of days with the Natester and I just don’t have the energy. So here the best Way Back Wednesday I got (E for effort, right?).

Way back when, (like a whole year) my baby boy was just that, a baby, a teeny tiny (OK, he was never really teeny tiny)baby. And now, he’s all grown up. He is walking around the house like a real boy (Oh! Call Gepetto!). He is signing to me every chance he gets, and points at anything new looking at me to give him a new sign. I am running out of signs. His first word was shoe, only he said, “bvvvooo.” That was almost two months ago, since then, he has stuck to
“mumum,” “dad-eye,” “ma,” and shreiking at Rowdy (the cat) anytime he is near (no wonder he’s so freaked out by Nate). That is until yesterday, we were cleaning up the stuffed animals and he picks up the Cat In The Hat, hands it to me and says, clear as day, “Hat.”
“What is this, Nate?” pointing to the oversized red and white hat.
Tapping his own head, “Hat.”
And just in case that wasn’t enough, later on he made vroom vroom noises while pointing at cars in his book. So, we went and sat at the front door to watch all the cars go by. When did this happen? I’ve been here the whole time and I didn’t see it. It’s like he went to bed a baby and woke up a little boy.

Telling me about all the cars driving by.

Waving bye-bye to the cars.

Yes, I did have fun on picnik this morning.


  1. My baby will be 5 in a couple months…time to get a new IUD…talk about time flying! lol

    But I swear I just brought her home yesterday…

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