Posted by: bourbonmama | 27/02/2009

I Can’t Come Up With A Title

This morning, while doing my usual blog catching up, in which I am allowed 45 seconds to read the 5 bazillion blogs on my following list, I clicked on a link here to see a picture of Joaquin Phoenix here. I feel the need to talk about it. Click the link, if you’d like, but I’ve included the picture for those of you who don’t feel like it.

According to the article (or what I was able to read in 7.6 seconds), this is his way of saying good-bye to the acting world and hello to the music business. Really? I’ll have to say, first off, that I’m not his biggest fan, although, I did have a childhood crush on his brother and he does do a fantastic impersonation of the man in black, so I’ll give him a little credit. But, c’mon, man. Don’t you remember when Jaime Foxx did this right after “Ray”? Just because you do a really good job playing a musician in a movie does NOT mean you should try it in real life. Val Kilmer (how is it that spellcheck know Joaquin, but tries to tell me Kilmer should be Killer) knew better. But, what I really want to talk about is not Joaquin’s apparent lack of judgement, but the fact that he doesn’t get the concept of writing messages on his hands so other people can read them, not so he can read them. Anyone who has ever written “HELP!” in the fog formed on the school bus window understands this. “BYE! GOOD” makes absolutely no sense, moron!



  1. I was thinking “what the hell?” when I saw his hands! What an idiot! Altho, I have to admit, he did make me fall in love in love with Johnny Cash! lol

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