Posted by: bourbonmama | 13/03/2009

Long Time No See

Wow, I totally missed Way Back Wednesday. I guess I’m a little off my game. So, here are a few random Carolinisms (no spell check, I do not mean creationism) for you.

1) A common theme when discussing weather patterns in central KY is for one person to say, “Wow, the weather’s been really screwy lately.”
Then the other person says, “You know what they say, if you don’t like the weather in KY, wait a day,” thinking that he is very clever and the other person hasd never heard this before. This is the most annoying and the most accurate thing to say. Tuesday it was 76. I was wearing a tank top (yes, I was that girl). This morning, I had about an inch of snow on my car. SERIOUSLY?! C’mon, man!

2) I, personally, have never paid for cable. Neither have I (or Philip) hooked our cable up illegally. That being said, we have been renting from the same family for over 5 years (3 different houses), who, apparently, like to hook up illegal cable at their rental houses. (I guess this is supposed to make up for the lack of repairs) (it does not) Now, the first two times we lost our cable with-in a matter of months, so I never got used to it, plus we had the bunny ears to fall back on. This time, however, we have gone 2 1/2 years.

I had a suspicion that it was going to happen when they did this DTV switch over thingy. And then it happened, three weeks ago, a cable guy showed up on my doorstep to sell me his services (ohh that sounded dirty), I declined, an hour later, I sat down to watch some reality trash while Nate was sleeping, and it was gone. Yep. And the worst thing, we were not prepared for the switch. Luckily, neither where four out of five of our local channels. But the one that I watch. The one that I need. The one that shows the two programs I can not live with out, they are no longer broadcasting in analog. No Beer and no TV make Homer go crazy!

3) Every year I’m with Philip, I get to know his family a little better. And while we all know how strange my family is, they are normal to me. So, the other night we were watching TV, a commercial for KIX came on. “Ohh, KIX, I forgot how good KIX is! We should get some for Nate.”
“I never had KIX.”
“Really?” with one arched eyebrow.
“Is it General Mills? Yeah, that’s why. My parents boycotted General Mills.”
“Why?” with a furrowed brow.
“Because, through church, they heard that GM supported abortion. What they didn’t realize is how many companies are actually owned by General Mills.”
“ummm, Oh. Kay.” rolls eyes.
aside: Philip was also not allowed to watch The Smurfs because the guy who created it had apparently sold his soul to the devil for the idea.* Yeah.

So, there you go, I think I’m all tapped out for now. Hope you had a good laugh at my (and Philip’s) expense!

*I tried to find a link for this–there is one website that keeps coming up, but I can’t get there–google it–it really happened although wikipedia makes no mention of it.



  1. Eek. I thought my in-laws were weird!

  2. No beer and no TV make Homer something-something.
    Go Crazy?
    Dont. Mind. If. I. Do!!
    I love that episode.

  3. Yaya–you don’t even know the half of it!

    babyweight–I am SO glad someone got that Simpsons reference!

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