Posted by: bourbonmama | 19/03/2009

My Little Man

Everyday I am amazed at how quickley Nate is going from baby to little boy. He is walking, no running, everywhere, of course as soon as I turn the camera on him it is as if he has forgotten how to work his legs. Alas, I have yet to get documentation of it. What I can document, though, are all the things he can now communicate to me. So, if you’re still there, here’s a list of Nate’s words:

  1. “bvoo” -shoe
  2. “gar” -car
  3. “duh” or “guct” -duck
  4. “gat” -cat
  5. “ot” or “hah” -hot (refering to my coffee)
  6. “at” or “haa” -hat
  7. “ma” -more
  8. “guh” or “gut” -cup
  9. “gock” -sock
  10. “mamum” -mama
  11. “dad-eye” or “dadud” -daddy

And here are a list of his signs:

  1. bite–points to cheek
  2. cup–points to mouth
  3. paci–covers mouth with his hand
  4. blankie–pats chest
  5. ball–balls up fist
  6. book–hands together, then apart
  7. more–fingers piched, together and away
  8. all finished–hands up, shrugs shoulders
  9. cheerio–figers pinched
  10. phone–hand to his ear

This is so much easier than trying to find his baby book and then wirting this all down, then looking through all the stuff I should have already written down and then trying to remeber when his first tooth came in or when his first big boy bath was.


  1. I love baby babble and how mommies (or nanny in my case) is the only person that knows what the kid is saying!

  2. You do know that we can’t wait for them to walk and talk, then all we do is tell them to sit down and be quiet? lol

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