Posted by: bourbonmama | 09/04/2009

Just Another Day

It was not! I thought it would be a slow uneventful day at work. Wednesdays are never very busy. One of our server assistants, Bri, is pregnant. Nine months pregnant. Her due date is on Friday. I’m sure you know where this is going by now.

Bri: “Caroline, I think I’m having a contraction.”
me: “Does it hurt in your ass?”
“OK, sit down and time them.” I hand her my watch and a glass of ice. I go out into the restaurant, come back about 10 minutes later, she’s in tears, now. Her aunt is also a server assistant, she comes, our room manager calls the paramedics. (Good thing about going into labor at a race track: there’s already an ambulance there.) They get up the elevator with a stretcher.

She says, “I don’t need that! I can walk.”
Bri, you can’t walk.”
“Yes, I can. I don’t need that!” By this time she has made it to the stretcher, three men are there, one in between her and the stretcher. Another contraction hits her, she shoves the guy out of the way and says, “Let me on there.”
So, they’re getting her situated, there’s people everywhere, Bri’s aunt is behind me on the phone, “The baby’s comin‘! It’s comin‘! Meet us at the hospital!”
In front of me, Bri is lying on the stretcher, having another contraction, She grabs the 70+ year old security guard’s hand and says, “Here comes another one, I’m gonna squeeze.”
“Squeeze away, honey.”
“Breathe, breathe, start fuckinbreathin‘!” She yells at the old man.
“No, Bri, you need to breathe.” Her aunt tells her and then they get on the elevator and disappeared behind the mirrored doors.

There is a very brand new baby out there, and I’m gonna go meet her tomorrow. Hoo-ray for new life.

*Interesting aside: This all happened during the third race. The number 3 horse, that also placed third, was named Here Comes Ben. Maybe they missed something in the ultrasound?



  1. Shoot… all you needed was her water breaking in the middle of the place surrounded by people and a passed out paramedic and you’d have yourself a movie script!

  2. does it hurt in your ass??!!!!

    i love it. LOVE it.

  3. Well that’s exciting!

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