Posted by: bourbonmama | 13/04/2009

WBW #13: Man, I’m Old

This Sunday, March 29th*, my baby brothers turn 23. Carl and Dennis. We were never allowed to call the “the twins” (although they, along with Dominic, did become “the boys,”). Anyway, they were a complete surprise. Mom went to the hospital planning on coming home with a baby and came home with 2This was before the age of ultrasounds being covered by insurance. Their heartbeats were in rhythm. It went something like this:

Easter Eve, 1986, Mom sends me to my friends house across the street. Shellie watches her calmly pack an overnight bag, she asks why.

“I think I’m gonna have the baby, tonight.” She tells Shellie that she can have a friend spend the night and that Mamaw would be coming over. She and my father went to the hospital, she pushed and out came a baby.

“Oh. Umm, Marcia, I think you’re going to have to do it again.”


“There’s another baby in there. You’re gonna have to push again.”


Baby number two is born, and the doctor says, “I need a scotch after that.”

“What about me?” Asks my mother.

And that is how we ended up with two babies instead of one, they were born on Easter Sunday. I remember how pissed I was when my dad came home alone the next day, without my baby sister (yes I was still hanging on to that hope).They were incredibly healthy for twins, Carl was over 5 lbs and Dennis was just under it. They were scrawny for a little bit, but filled out soon. It was like having two dolls to dress up and play with. The Tony saga began about a year after they were born. And so did my mother’s drinking. Jason, Shellie, and I were left to watch the boys. We’d help them make cereal in the mornings, read them stories and play with them. I could change a diaper by 7. And by 8, I was reading them bedtime stories. I would sit with one boy on each side, while they took turns turning pages. They also took turns wiping their snotty noses on my shoulder. I know, sweet brotherly love.

I was 18 when I left home, they were 12, I didn’t see them for almost six months (another time). It broke my heart to see how grown up they’d become. And now, they are grown up. My baby brothers are all grown up (except for the fact that they live in my parents’ basement). But when I look at them all I see is this…

Dennis (L) and Carl (R) with Banner, around 8.



…instead of this…

Dennis with Nate last summer.

…and this…

Carl last year.

*I know I’m late on this. I had it written and forget to set it to publish. Just play along, OK? I’ve been busy.



  1. How crazy is that?! Surprise-it’s another baby!

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