Posted by: bourbonmama | 27/04/2009

Gettin’ Lucky In Kentucky

Look at this picture very closely. See anything?

Don’t worry, neither did Philip. He said he looked for almost thirty minutes. I decided I’d take a look.

It took me about 45 seconds to find those five, that’s when I got my camera.

Yep, that’s nine four-leafed clovers. Nine, in the time it takes me to smoke a cigarette. Then, today, I walked back out to the same clover patch and found eight more and a five-leafed clover, which is either really good luck or bad luck. Philip is going to have to mow around my lucky patch. I think I’ll buy some lottery tickets tonight.



  1. We live on a 16 acre farm and I am always looking for a damned 4 leaf clover!

    Guess I need to look harder, huh?

    • It took Philip four years of watching me find them before he found one. Just look down, that’s the only advice I have.

  2. I looked in the clover all weekend.

    No luck. But I am going to keep on looking!

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