Posted by: bourbonmama | 08/05/2009

Another Rainy Day

So, a couple of months ago, I got a google analytics account. Whatever, I’m nosey. The thing that interests me most is how people find my site. The keywords used to find me. I now realize that my main talking points (according to Google) are white trash, bourbon, and Kentucky. Wow. And here I thought I was civilized and insightful.

Anyway, because things have been boring around here, I’m going to give you the top 14 keywords that will land you on my site.

14) resting my head in a bottle —don’t worry, they get funnier.

13) meanest boy —led them to this post, totally funny, you should read it.

12) “i’m having a contraction” —seriously? call your doctor, don’t google it. But I hope they got some help with the whole “does it hurt in your ass?” thing.

11) gettin lucky in kentucky —this post. Go ahead and try to find a four-leafed clover that I missed. There will be a prize involved. Just leave a comment on that post. C’mon, it’s no fun unless you play!

10) “disney stickers” —this visitor came from Hong Kong, I know b/c they left me a link to their Disney sticker selling site. Obviously they couldn’t read or they would have realized that I think Disney is the Devil. Seriously read that post. It’s delightfully witty.

9) things white trash people like —I beleive you were looking for this. Also, if you wanna know what kind of stuff not so trashy white people like go here and laugh. (this also marks the beginning of the trash portion)

8) white trash neighbors —I got ’em!

7) things that are white trash —I get it, I’m a redneck.

6) white trash things —seriously, man, enough.

5) things to make out of trash —yes, I make things, but I do not use trash.

4) things said about white trash —I know, right? It’s getting a little excessive.

3) bourbon in a horse head bottle —wow, my blog was the first link when I googled this.

2) trailer trash with bourbon —Well, what else would the trailer trash (I’m assuming myself) have? That’s like saying “a bear with honey.”

And here it is number one, I love that someone found my blog by typing this into Google. They are also the only one who stayed longer than 13 seconds (yes that’s right), they actually stuck around for over 15 minutes. Maybe they got my sarcastic wit. Maybe they’re still here.

1) what’s that? there’s a bourbon in my hand? —if this was you, thank you. I love it so much I’m thinking of changing my title.



  1. hahahahahaa!!!

  2. That’s a lot better than the searches that come to my blog. I get, “poop”, “poopy diaper”, and “adults enjoy diaper play”.

    I arrived via a comment from

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