Posted by: bourbonmama | 11/05/2009

Things I wanted to say to Philip’s Mother, But Didn’t

Why yes, I do deserve some sort of award for keeping my big mouth shut yesterday. It’s an incredibly difficult task. Anyway, here ya go…

1) No you do not need to position Nate’s high chair between you and your husband. That will make it hard for me to take care of my child.

2) No, he’s not saying “grandma.” Everything he says right now sounds like “Gaww,” there is no significance.

3) No, you do not need to buy a car seat for the one day a month you watch him. And, no, buying a car seat will not ensure that you watch him more, either.

4) Don’t you think your other grandchildren feel a little like chopped liver right now? Maybe you should go play with them.

I have the patience of a saint. Oh, yeah, you like my new header?



  1. Oh man! I could write a book on the things I REALLY want to say to my 2 ex’s mothers! Sounds like good blog fodder to me! lol

  2. Did you leave there dying for a drink or what?

  3. Shelli–this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Minnie–I had a stiff Turkey & Diet with in 10 minutes of being home.

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