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WBW #17: How I found Philip, Part 1

me & Philip circa 2002

me & Philip circa 2002

It’s funny to hear other people label what Philip is to me. He’s been called my boyfriend my baby’s daddy, my husband (by his father), and my partner. I just call him Philip. Sometimes Philbert. And when I’m really drunk and want to be funny, Phildo–get it? I am such a juvenile. Our story is a funny one, really. Not so much funny ha ha (but there are some of those moments), but funny as in weird. Our paths crossed so many times and nothing happened, it was just never the right moment. It took almost two years. So, here it is, a timeline, if you will, of my and Philip’s almost meetings.

1)My first job after moving to Lexington was working at a bookstore cafe with Philip’s brother Jonathan (that was in 2000). Long story short, Jonathan worked with Ernie at another job, I saw him one day while picking up Jonathan’s paycheck (Philip also worked there). Jonathan decided he was going to hook us up at a Halloween party (I was Big Bird and Ernie was The Count–totally not planned that way). I ended up way to inebriated to even speak to him at that party. Turns out, Philip was with him that night, they were roommates. If I had dated Ernie, I would have been off limits to Philip–bros before hos and all. That’s two missed opportunities, if you’re counting.

2)That Thanksgiving, and the year after, I went to a Vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner party thrown by Jonathan and his then fiancee. It was always a really big event with about 30 twenty-somethings crammed into their tiny apartment. Philip was at both. I don’t remember meeting him, nor does he remember meeting me, although I’m sure we were introduced at some point.
There is a total of four, now.

3)February, 2002, Philip’s 21st birthday. I have mentioned Club Dub before, and I’m sure I will again. Best. Local. Band. Ever. Anyway, Jonathan took Philip to one of their shows. This is the first time I remember meeting him. God was he GORGEOUS. Strawberry blond hair, all shaggy and in his eyes. Those eyes, the most amazingly clear blue eyes. Freckles for days (I am a sucker for freckles). He was wearing a white t-shirt that showed off his arms and chest, and jeans that were just tight enough to see that he had an ass. He was trashed. He barely remembers that night at all, let alone meeting me, even if I am the hottest girl ever. That makes five.

4) Jonathan’s wedding, May 2002.  I scanned the faces of the bridesmaids, and then the groomsmen. And, there he was, the best man. So, the entire time, instead of watching Jonathan exchange his vows, I was watching Philip. It is one of three times I have seen him in a tux (always the groomsman, never the groom). He was scrumptious. I went from the ceremony to the art gallery where the reception was being held. It was pure chance that I happened to be waiting to cross the street at the exact moment that his car was passing. It was chance that he was sitting in that particular seat. He looked at me from the behind the window. Our eyes locked. He turned his head to watch me as I crossed the street behind the car. I almost tripped because I was still looking at him and not where I was going (a very bad idea for me in heels). This is the first time Philip remembers seeing me (of course it’s when I was being a klutz). That’s six, now.

5) June 11, 2002. Club Dub, again. I was wearing blue plaid pants and a little boys’ polo (shut up, I was hot), he was wearing his usual uniform of a white t-shirt and jeans. I noticed him when I walked in, remembering him from the wedding. I went to the bar and ordered my Sex on the Beach (Club Dub Tuesdays were the only night I didn’t drink The Kickin’ Chicken), and proceeded to take my spot on the dance floor. Philip was there with Ernie (remember Ernie from #1?). The band started, I danced and drank. Then, as I’m dancing, someone walks up behind me and lifts the back of my shirt up to see my freshly finished tattoo. I spin around to see who it is, hand poised for a slap, and am met with Ernie, face-to-face (we are the same height). “That new?” he points to my right hip.
“Looks good.” And then I notice that Philip had been standing behind him the whole time. “Have you met Philip?” Philip told me later that he had told Ernie to get my attention and introduce us. Apparently those plaid pants and little boys shirt were working for someone!
“Actually, yeah, but you probably don’t remember. It was your birthday, you were trashed.” It was as if Ernie didn’t even exist anymore. No one did.
“Wow. I hope I didn’t make an ass of myself.”
“Nope.” I look him up and down again. When I reach his face, I realized he was doing the same. “You wanna dance?” So we danced with each other for a while, then took a break to go outside and smoke and cool off. We sat on the sidewalk, leaning against the side of the building. I could feel the cold bricks on my exposed lower back. I remember the way the breeze felt when it hit my sweat-dampened forehead. And then, I swear this is how it happened, I was in mid-sentence, he gently turned my face to his, and kissed me. Just like in the soaps. Then it turned into a drunken make-out session. We were finally broken up by our friends telling us the bar was closing and we had to go.
“Um, can I get your number?”
“Look, I’m not looking for a fling, I just don’t want you to call me if that’s all you want.”
“It’s not, I’d like to take you out.”
“OK.” I write my number on his open palm. “My friend’s band is playing tomorrow at Cheapside. If you really wanna take me out, we can meet there.”
“Yeah, sure. I’ll be there.” He kissed me again, and ran off to hop in the car with Ernie and their friends.

So, there it is. It took almost two years and seven, count ’em seven, chance meetings for it to stick. I know that if we had actually gotten together any of those other times, it wouldn’t have worked. We weren’t ready for each other yet. Our planets had to be in line or whatever.
But, see, here’s the thing, there’s a second part to this story. Don’t be shocked, you know that none of my stories end happily ever after. There’s always struggle and conflict sprinkled with a little bit of dry wit and sarcastic humor. But that’s coming next week. Dun-dun-dunnnn (that should read like suspenseful piano music, in case you didn’t get that). God, I love a good cliff hanger!

*Why yes, you have seen that picture before. Gimme a break, there are maybe 10 pictures of us together in exitstance. And this is the earliest one (that I know of).

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