Posted by: bourbonmama | 22/05/2009

I miss

I miss watching thunderstorms in hot summer evenings on the porch swing with my dad. I miss the soulful jazz that came from the record player and the taste of root beer and vanilla ice cream. I miss the safety that is your father’s arms and the bliss of being seven.

I miss summer days at the pool, felling the sun beat down on you back and the thrill of climbing all those steps to the top of the high dive. I miss the smell of chlorine and banana boat, the taste of push-ups and frozen snickers bars. I miss not caring if I was splashed and tea parties at the bottom. I miss the feeling of damp clothes and a towel around my neck as I rode home watching the sun set in front of me.

I miss peanut butter and banana sandwiches and ants on a log. I miss circle time and making art out if macaroni. I miss the gooey stickiness of finger paint between my fingers.

I miss trying to make it over the bar, jumping rope, four square, and the way a kick ball sounds when bounced agianst a brick wall. I miss the prickliness that is rolling down a grassy hill.

I miss secret clubs where boys weren’t allowed, but were the main topic of conversation. I miss best friends forever and sleepovers where no one slept. I miss sleeping bags on the floor and s’mores out of the microwave. I miss laughing so hard you cry and not knowing what it was that was so funny. I miss the trust that is young girls in pj’s sitting in the floor late at night only using hushed whispers.



  1. I miss macaroni art too. I miss thunderstorms and silly playground games

    yes, mariah, the best art is made with macaroni!

  2. oh man. you’re reading my mind. you’re like, INSIDE my HEAD, man!

    remember the way your eyes felt after hours in chlorine? dry, and OH, the pain! all the streetlights were blurry and no eye drops could fix it?

    Yeah, I remember holding my head onder the faucet after swim practice, letting the cold water take away the burn.

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