Posted by: bourbonmama | 27/05/2009

WBW #18: How I found Philip, Part 2

continued from here

Me & Philip circa 2003

Me & Philip circa 2003

The next night, I got all dolled up, even wore a skirt. (I rarely wore skirts back then). I put on eye shadow and lip gloss (which up until last year were the only two makeup items I ever owned). I went to Cheapside, ordered a drink, and sat in a booth, and waited. Before long, lots of friends were showing up. “What are you all dressed up for?”

“I’m meeting someone here. Do you know Jonathan’s brother, Philip?”

 “Oh my God, that is so funny!”

 The band started playing, and all eyes turned to the stage. Everyone’s but mine. Mine were firmly focused on the door. Every time it opened, my head would whip around to see if it was him. Time passed, I got drunk, the band took a set break. He still wasn’t there. I waited and waited and waited. Finally, I walked up to one of our mutual friends. “I think I’ve been stood up.”

 “Oh, Honey.”

 This had only happened once before, and that guy had gotten in a wreck on the way to pick me up, so that doesn’t really count. My heart dropped into my belly. I felt so stupid for putting on a skirt and make-up for some dumb boy. I thought back to the night before. My warning to not call unless he was serious. He must have changed his mind. Asshole.

The next afternoon morning I woke up with a killer hangover. And I was pissed, and hurt, but mostly pissed. Does he not know how great I am, he can’t do this to me. Who does he think he is? Jackass. The phone rings. “Hello?”

“Umm, is Mary there?”

“This is she. Who’s this?”

“Hey, it’s Philip, from the other night.” What the hell? Is this normal practice after standing someone up? To call them and act like nothing had happened?

“What happened to you last night?”

“What d’ya mean?”

“Seriously?! You were supposed to meet me at Cheapside. Do you not remember?” That’s it, I didn’t get stood up, he just forgot. Wait, that’s not any better.

“Oh, yeah. Sorry.”

“Sorry?! That’s it? OK. Whatever. Bye.” I hung up the phone. It rang thirty seconds later. “Yeah?”

“Wait, wait, let me make it up to you. Please I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Oh, you didn’t hurt me,” yeah he did, as well as embarrass me, “you wasted my time.”

“What are you doing today?”  It was Sunday, that’s laundry day. Oh, you’re gonna work for it, boy.“Actually, I gotta go do laundry, sooo..”

“Can I come with you?” Ohmygod, really?

“Yeah, I guess.” I got directions to his house, yes, I had to go pick him up. But that was OK, because he had a motorcycle. One point for Philip.

I’m gonna stop here.  Come back next week!  Same bourbon time, same bourbon channel…



  1. Totally digging this story. Don’t keep us waiting too long.

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