Posted by: bourbonmama | 03/06/2009

WBW #19: How I found Philip, Part 3

continued from here and here.

Me & Philip circa 2004 (I know, my dress ROCKS!)

Me & Philip circa 2004 (I know, my dress ROCKS!)

After navigating my way around the unfamiliar neighborhood, I saw him in the distance standing on the sidewalk.  He waved me down.  I stopped the car, not even bothering to put it in park, and he came around to my window.  He handed me some flowers he’d picked from the neighbor’s yard.  “I’m sorry.  I plan on making it up to you.” 

He was so much easier to resist when he was on the other end of a telephone and not right here, face to face.  God those freckles!  I was putty in his hands.  “Don’t let him know,” I said under my breath as he came around to the passenger side.  And off we were, two kids…going to do… laundry?

Turned out that apparently, all the laundry mats in his neighborhood close at 7, it was 5:45.  That wasn’t going to work.  (which was awesome, because on the way, I realized what a loser I would be if I did laundry on a date).  I pulled out of the parking space, maneuvering my huge Buick around the tiny lot.  “So, you hungry, then?”

“Oh, are you hungry?”  he sounded nervous.

Yeah, that’s why I asked.”

“Umm, well, if you want we can go to McDonald’s.  I’m kinda broke right now.”  Really?!  Seriously?!  I had to pick you up and now I’ve gotta pay for dinner?!

“I didn’t ask you if you had any money, I asked if you were hungry.”

“Yeah, sure.”

It’s weird.  I can not remember one single thing that was said after that.  I remember thinking how stupid I was.  The guy had stood me up the night before, tried to make up for it with stolen flowers (yes, I know it was sweet), and now I had to pay for dinner and drive?  What?  Did he just say he lived with his parents? 


I think I’ll stop here.  Wait for it….



  1. Followed you over from a comment left on thehuckablog, and have since spent WAY to much time reading ALL of your archives. Love the blog especially the Way Backs, and will be back soon! :)

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