Posted by: bourbonmama | 05/06/2009

A Laugh At My Expense

Because I’m boring and have nothing interesting to say but am starved for attention (what?  I’m the middle child of seven, I can never have too much attention), I’m going to give you a good laugh.  You’re welcome.  So, here you go, because any attention is good attention.

proof that I have always been fashionable

proof that I have always been fashionable

That’s me, age 6 or 7, with my great gramma and my brother, Dominic.  I remember this outfit.  I LOVED this outfit.  Even when it stopped fitting me, as you can plainly see, and gave me a killer wedgie.  What’s that?  You wanna closer look?  Whatever you say.

The epitome of HOTT

The epitome of HOTT

Umm, yeah.  The look on my face says it all.  And, the shoes!  Oh, the shoes!  What you can’t see is that my toes were curled under because I’d forced my feet into them all evil stepsistery-like.  What’s that?  I can’t hear you over all the snickering.  I’m totally reconsidering posting this.  But what the hell, bad attention is better than no attention at all, right?



  1. my girl’s all ready for a flood!

  2. omg. i totally giggled at this. the look on your face!! the suspenders! the wedgie! and then i got to the shoes!!!!

    i found a school picture of me when i was 12. it’s awful. i have a side ponytail. i’m totally posting it. i’ll email you when i do :D

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