Posted by: bourbonmama | 11/06/2009

Best. Present. Ever.

Ever since high school, I’ve been obsessed with 70’s decor. Anything that was tacky enough to be cool, I fantasized over. Once I moved out, I filled my house with little nick knacks, in varied shades of orange, brown, and teal. I started collecting mushrooms. Because having a mushroom collection lets people know how cool you are with out saying a word. Philip HATES my mushrooms. I currently have one Merry Mushroom canister and one salt/pepper shaker, as well as a towel to match.  Philip “accidentally” broke the other salt/pepper shaker.  It is our “Leg Lamp Incident.”  Every trip to Goodwill or a yard sale would include searching for a replacement.  One time, we saw an entire set of 8.  Goodwill wanted $40.  Philip said there was no way he was paying $40 for anything at Goodwill, let alone something as ugly as that.  I left, promising to return the next day.  They were already gone.  I was heartbroken.  Until now.  Philip saw these at a yard sale, paid $5 for them.  That’s $1 a piece. 

Ahh, tacky goodness

Ahh, tacky goodness

This is probably the sweetest thing he’s ever done for me.  I told him they were awesome, more awesome than my other mushroom paraphernalia because they were so different, so original.  And, I was right, I can’t find any others like them (I’ve been looking all day online).  I love being the only one with something.  It makes me feel even cooler.   Because the size and rarity of your mushroom collection is directly proportionate to your level of coolness.


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