Posted by: bourbonmama | 11/06/2009

The 7 Year Itch

Seven years ago today, my life was forever changed.   Seven years ago today, I met the man of my dreams, although it would take a while for me to see it and even longer for me to admit it.  I’m really not one to do a sappy love note, plus I doubt anyone really wants to read that.  But I am going to take a few minutes to tell you why my man is better than yours.

  1. He cried the first time he told me he loved me.  This is the single most beautiful moment in my life.  Yes, even more beautiful than giving birth.  He would totally kill me if he knew I was telling strangers about this, so, if you know us for real, mums the word, alright?
  2. He gets this glimmer in his eyes when he’s up to no good.  Totally gives me the shivers.
  3. He drives a motorcycle.
  4. He knows that I am a HUGE dork and loves my in spite because of it.
  5. When I’m thinking of something (like how awesome a Heath Blizzard would be), he telepathically picks up on it and suggests that we go to DQ, so I can blame it on him when I have soft serve for dinner.
  6. He gives me my space when I need it, and can tell when I don’t really want to be left alone, I just want him to work harder (I know, girls suck).
  7. He drives a motorcycle.
  8. He’s got the most gorgeous strawberry blond hair that he passed down to my son.
  9. He works his fingers to the bone to provide for our family.  40+ hrs of work, plus 15 hrs at school, all so I can stay at home and sit in front of the computer with Nate.
  10. He loves me unconditionally.  This may not seem like a big deal, but it’s huge to someone who has never had it before.
  11. He didn’t get upset when I turned down his proposal.  In all fairness, I was pregnant (which is totally why he did it.  Who wants to tell an Italian father that you got his baby girl knocked up and have no intentions of making an honest woman out of her?) I did do not want to get married because of a child, and weddings are not that fun if you’re soberpreggo, I know, I went to 3.
  12. He drives a motorcycle.
  13. He can fix anything, from, plumbing, to bookshelves, to cars, he’s saved me millions (OK, thousands) in everyday repairs.
  14. My head fits perfectly into the crook of his shoulder.
  15. He puts up with me, which is a feat that would bring most men to tears.
  16. And, he drives a motorcyle.

I’m going to stop here at the risk of getting too sappy, and leave you with a picture…

Philip with Nate (1 week old) captured by my brother-in-law

Philip with Nate (1 week old) captured by my brother-in-law



  1. very sweet. disgustingly sweet ;D

    great story. you’re a wonderful writer.

  2. That is awesome.

    I so wish C could experience what Phillip has in that picture.

    But…no more babies for me. :-(

  3. And BTW…what is it with the head fitting perfectly in their shoulder? I never felt comfortable laying beside my ex-husband…like I never fit.

    But with C…it is a perfect fit everytime. Like we are specially made for that one right person.

    • I know, right? It’s like when they’re the only one who gets your jokes. What is that just me?

  4. No, I totally understand!

    I really believe we are made for that one special person.

    It just takes a little time to find them sometimes.

    For me, it was 36 years!

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