Posted by: bourbonmama | 12/06/2009


I try to stay away from politics and religion on this blog.  If you can’t discuss it at the dinner table, I should definitely not be trying to discuss it here.  But I feel like this link should be shared.  No matter what your religious or political views, murder is wrong.  Killing is not OK.  I was going to try and write something, but Dee does it so much better.  Please read this.



  1. Thank you for the hat tip, darlin’. I have been writing more about this stuff, what happened at the Holocaust Museum and Dr. Tiller who had been murdered, and quite frankly I’m a little frightened.

    It’s so weird to think that, you know, forty years ago, there was massive contention on the idea that black people would be afforded civil rights. The lengths some segregationists and anti-bussers would go to harass and to frighten and to attack people was beyond the pale. We grew up thinking that there would be flying cars by now. And yet, we’re in this financial crisis and there has been a lot of destabilization going on. That just lets the crazy loose. And worse than that, some “journalists” and “entertainers” make a living propping up all this antagonism and stirring up trouble.

    Look. We have two people dead. My heart says that this isn’t the last of it. It’s bad enough that people are making political opportunities out of this stuff. It’s worse that no one has anything on the table that says this has GOT to stop.

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