Posted by: bourbonmama | 18/06/2009


I’ve never been popular.  At the end of my seventh grade year, after infiltrating the pseudo-popular girls, I decided to go all out and try out for the cheer leading squad.  No, that’s OK, I”ll wait for you to stop laughing.  If you know me this is hilarious, I have as much grace as Carlton.  It was very apparent that I was NOT cut out for cheerleading.  But, I stuck through it, only to be hugely embarrassed at the Saturday try-outs.  That was my last attempt at popularity.  That was the day I realized the difference between good attention and bad attention, or laughing with you and laughing at you

I never fit the mold for being one of those girls.  I’m just a little too loud outspoken, a little too rude honest, and a little too much one of the guys. 

So imagine my surprise when I opened up my dashboard this morning to see that I had 103 visits yesterday.  103.  I have never had more that thirty. 

Oh My God, 103 visits?!  Except, I have no idea what to think, because not one of my new visitors left a comment. Oh, my God, I need to post something!  Something substantial, not the crap I’ve been dribbling lately.    My mind is all of the sudden blank.  What the hell do I talk about?  What do all these new visitors want to know?  Oh, maybe I should ask them.  So, to all y’all hiding in the shadows, I say Ollie, Ollie, Oxen Free!    Leave me a comment, ask me anything (or you can email me at bourbonmama (at) gmail (dot) com).  Really, no subject is off limits (actually, there are a few, but not many).  Just tell me what you want to know.  Or at least stick around until I have something good to say.



  1. okay… i’ll admit it. it was me, visiting you 103 times during the day :D just kidding.

    WHOA! congrats! now get writing… no pressure :D

  2. oh, and i tried out for the dance team all through middle school. that’s three years of memorizing a dance only to NOT make it. maybe i only tried out twice. i think it was only twice.

    the song POISON by bell biv devoe has never been the same. want to send my sister into giggles? play that song. she had to endure listening to it i don’t know how many times.

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