Posted by: bourbonmama | 14/07/2009

Being a Grown Up

I’ve been busy this past week doing grown up things like going to job interviews and touring daycares.  First, the job.  There’s this company, (I’m not linking, cuz if they know how trashy I am, they probably wont hire me) that I really want to work for.  Like, for realz.  They offer insurance (medical, dental, and vision), 401K’s, stock options, paid time off, and a whole host of other benefits.  They offer this to part-time employees, too.  I wont be doing anything special, running a cash register, just like I did at 17, but I’ll be making an obscene (OK, not obscene, but a lot more than I’m making now, which is nothing) amount of money and I’ll be able to get insurance.  Not just for me and my spawn, but for Philip.  That’s right, domestic partner benefits, just like the gays.  But here’s the kicker, I still have 2 more interviews to go through before they hire me.  To run a cash register at a grocery store.  Partly because of the recession, but mostly because there are so many people clamoring for this job.  It’s like searching through 97,000 Wonka Bars in hopes of finding that elusive gold foil.  I haven’t ever wanted a job so badly.  Send good vibes to the bluegrass state for me, K?

And, that leads me to the daycares.  I’ve visited four.  Just a few things, when I ask you what your student-teacher ratio is, I don’t need you to tell me what the state’s limits are, I know how much the state says you can have, and no, I am not lying when I say that some centers keep a lower ratio.  Also, please do not look at me like I’ve unleashed the black plague on you when I bring my child with me.  There is a reason I’m looking for childcare.  One more thing, when introducing yourself to a prospective client, it’s a good idea to shake their hand and tell them your name, girl who is at least 5 years younger that me and I’m hoping is not the director considering you’re not even all the way through puberty.  And I think that’s all.

Oh, and it’s Yo’s birthday this week.  I wrote a post for her today (it may or may not mention a broken vagina).  Go, tell her how young she looks.



  1. I feel your pain on the daycare search. Once when I was daycare shopping for my oldest, I asked how if everyone was CPR certified. Honestly, I was asking to kill time while I came up with another question, because every place I’ve ever asked, EVER, said yes. And she told me that the state only required that one person on site be CPR certified, so they have three people and they schedule them so there’s always someone there. This was a freakin HUGE daycare, about 120 kids, birth through 6th grade. The building had ten rooms on 2 floor and 2 outdoor fenced in play areas. And they only had ONE person on site at a time who was CPR certified. And then they got pissy when I implied that this might be a dealbreaker for me.

    I’ve given up on daycare centers and I am all about the in-home care now. I have a great lady in G-town. Email me if you want her info.

  2. I don’t know if you still live in Lexington, but I had a great family day care experience. You can email me if you want a name and number.

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