Posted by: bourbonmama | 27/07/2009

All Grown Up

Today, I let go of my baby.  Nate got his first haircut.


He threw a fit, right there in the middle of the barber shop floor.  All those old men just staring at me and my convulsive toddler.  I almost left, but I knew that if I didn’t go through it now, then it’d take a while before I’d try again.  So, we went outside and walked up and down the sidewalk until it was our turn.  The salt-n-pepper haired man, who reminded me of my dad, smiled at me, “First haircut?”
“Yep,” I said with a nervous smile. 
“Don’t worry, he’s still your baby,” he reassured me as he got the booster seat out of the corner.  I lifted Nate into the seat, and he laughed at being so high up.   


And, then, I started blubbering, as I watched my baby turn into a little boy.


Oh, and that last post, we’re gonna ignore that like we’re ignoring the schmutz on my wall behind Nate’s highchair.  But, thanks for listening to me.


  1. Ohhhh….Did you keep some of it for his baby book?

    • Of course!

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