Posted by: bourbonmama | 04/08/2009

Young Kentucky Girl In A Push-up Bra

I have a real post coming soon.  It’s about clovers and dildos and trash, but for now, b/c I’m lazy busy, I’ll give you a little story.  This is an excercise from my creative writing class in fall ’07.  We were instructed to use song lyrics to come up with a character and build on it.  I chose the Chili Peppers.  Enjoy.

Young Kentucky Girl In A Push-up Bra

Annabelle had spent all week planning her outfit for that night.  Now in seventh period, she put the final touches on it in her mind.  A green one-shouldered top that she barely filled out, jeans that were too tight for underwear, and her black slingback heels, that she’d bought and hidden at Stacey’s the week before.  She considered her black leather mini skirt, but thought better of it, she didn’t want to look too slutty.  Stacey was one of the few friends her parents approved of, they already had her mother’s name, address, and phone number so they could check up on her at any time.  The last fifteen minutes seemed to go on forever.  Annabelle sat, eyes on the clock, twisting her long red hair around her fingers, watching the seconds tick by, waiting for the 3:00 bell.  She was out of her seat and running as soon as the final bell rang.  “We’ll be at your house at 5:00 to pick you up!” Stacey called after her.

“We” meant Stacey and her 19 year old sister Dana.  She was everything the 15 year old girls wished they could be.  Cool, confident, beautiful, in college, tons of boyfriends, and with a C-cup.  A week earlier, Dana had gotten Stacy and Annabelle fake IDs.  “You don’t want it to say that you’re twenty-one,” she said knowingly, “22 is much more believable on a fake.”

When she got home, Annabelle ran to the bedroom she shared with her older sister Madeline.  She was just one year older and oozed know-it-all-ness.  She lay on her bed reading while Annabelle packed for the night.  Peering over her glasses at her younger sister, she warned, “You know mama and daddy would have a fit if they found out what you were up to tonight.”

Annabelle looked at her sister, blue eyes filled with fire, “Well, they ain’t gonna find out, are they?”  Madeline had a bad habit if letting the cat out of the bag when one of her sisters was up to something.

4:45, she surveyed her overnight bag one more time green shirt, check, tight jeans, check, back up shirt, just in case, check, make-up that daddy knew nothing about, check, tiny black purse, check, and most importantly, fake ID, check.  She thought for a minute and added her leather mini, Stacy would tell her which looked better.  She zipped up the over-sized duffel bag, and went out to the front porch to wait on her friends.  Her palms sweaty with  anticipation of the coming night, sure to be filled with smoke, alcohol, and college boys.

A dust cloud followed the Chrysler LeBaron convertible closely.  “I’m leaving!” she called to her mother inside, who was sure to be watching through the window making sure it was only Stacey and Dana picking up her daughter.  Annabelle tossed her bag into the backseat and hopped in after it, Dukes of Hazard style.  As soon as the run down farm house was out of sight, Stacey threw her a brand new pack of Marlboro Reds.  She tapped he pack on her hand a few times before opening it, smelling the fresh cigarettes.  She bent down behind Dana’s seat to light her cigarette and sucked in that first draw as if it were her last.  “Y’all ready for some fun?” Dana asked as she turned up the Zeppelin playing through the speakers.

“Hell Yeah!” the girls screamed in unison.

After an hour and a half of preparing, the girls emerged from Stacey’s bedroom, ready for their mentor’s approval.  “Y’all, look good. Now, you ain’t wearin’ underwear, are ya,?  It’ll give ya panty lines in those jeans.”

Annabelle shook her head no, feeling proud that she had already thought of that.  Dana surveyed the girls one more time, “Hang on,” she said over her shoulder as she ran to her room, coming back holding a bra, “put this on.”

She threw it to Annabelle who had always been challenged in the chest area. After fastening it, she just looked down at her chest in awe, she’d never seen them look that big. “Much better,” Dana approved.

The girls piled back into the convertible. “Now, don’t act young’n stupid when y’all walk in. Act like ya done it a million times.” The girls hung on Dana’s every word, treating it like gospel. “An’ don’t, under any circumstances, tell anyone y’all’s real age, they might be undercover.”

Annabelle and Stacey followed Dana to the door, wobbling a little in their new shoes.  The heavy red door muffled the sound of the cover band plating inside.  Annabelle wiped her sweaty palms on her jeans one more time before following her best friend through the doorway.  The smell of smoke and bourbon hit her in the face and off to the left she heard pool balls smacking together.  Oh yeah, this was gonna be great, she thought as she tried her best to look and act like a 22 year old.


  1. Veeerrrry good! I like!

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