Posted by: bourbonmama | 25/08/2009

Nate’s been sick all weekend.  Thursday, I picked him up from daycare, sped home, and started dinner.  He was a little whiny, but no worse than normal, when he’s hungry and tired.  I made tacos, we all sat down to eat, but he wouldn’t touch any of it.  Seriously, he ate half a tortilla.  I took his temperature.  102.7.  That can’t be right, again, 102.6.  OK, that’s not any better.  We pump him full of Tylenol, give him a bath.  Philip wants to take him to the hospital.  His fever goes down, a little, 100.8.  It’s 8:30, I put him in bed.  He’s up all night, and burning up.  Last two hours of dark are spent in bed with me and Philip, rolling around, kicking us, and saying, “Mama night-night,” and “Dad-eye night-night,” before smashing his head into his blanket on Philip or me.  

7:00am, I call the doctor’s office.  Shit, they don’t start answering their phone until 8:30.  I can’t give him any more Tylenol, or they wont know his true temp.   8:31, I get a real person on the phone.  “Would you like to come in at 2:30?” 

What the fuck is wrong with you, woman, I want to come in an hour ago!  My baby is broken!  “Uhh, his temperature is at 102.8, right now.”

“Oh, we have a 10:30.”

Anyway, by the time we get to the doctor, he’s at 103.1  Yeah, that’s right.  He had an infection in his throat, not strep, though.  Something else.  Also, he’s graduated from infant Tylenol, which is why his fever wasn’t breaking.  It finally did Saturday night.  He finally ate, real food, not just cheerios and french fries and hot dogs (which incidentally, gave him a nasty diaper yesterday), this morning.  He actually let me put him down this morning while he watched Sesame Street.  And, my arm is freaking killing me.  

In other news, look at this:

The Intruder

The Intruder

Do you see it?  It’s a grey hair.  GREY HAIR.  It’s the second one I found in a week.  I pulled the first one right out and inspected it.  I showed it to Philip, “Aww, that’s not grey.”

“Then, what is it?”


“A wavey blonde hair?  On my head?”

“Yeah sure.”  And he threw it in the grass.  I found this one last week.  I’m not even thirty, and I found my first grey hair on my head.  My dad was always salt and pepper grey, when I was younger (now his hair is silverish).  So, I asked him how old he was when he found his first grey.  He says late 30’s.  Then my mom piped in, “Ya know, I don’t think I remember your Mamaw without grey hair.” 

Shit, I guess that whole plan of telling people I’m 29 until I’m 35 is not going to work.  I’m gonna be that 40 year old woman with a full head of grey hair.  Just shoot me now, please.


  1. Honey were you a blonde baby? Natural blondes go white faster according to celebrity colorist Louis Lacari. I adopted that as my motto when I heard him say it years ago. On the plus side it is easier to blend that gray in with blonde, so you may want to start that or highlighting. PS-don’t pull them out, it makes them grow back all wonky, because it pulls out the supports so they come in looking like Einsteins hair.

    • No, I’ve never been blonde, I was the only one of us to be born with dark hair. And, my hair is not a good candidate for blonde, what with the thick, black unibrow I’ve been sporting since I was 15.

  2. So sorry to hear that the Kiddo was sick.

    As far as your gray, I understand. Got my first one at 23. It was devistating.

    So I drank and felt better.

  3. my little sister just turned 30 and she’s been going gray since before she was 21. serious. it’s not bad, just a few here and there, but you can totally see it.

    phill is salt and pepper gray. he’s been gray since he was 16!!! and he’s my age!

    me… i find a few here and there. i hate how they stick up! i have one over my ear. i’m keeping it, though. it makes me look regal.


    • It made my dad look like a mafia boss, that and the moustache, and being Italian didn’t hurt.

  4. I have been greying since I was (no shit) 20. I’m getting a stripe of what I like to call “Distinguished Grey.”

    • If it’s like Stacey’s from What Not To Wear, then it’s awesome.

  5. Wait until you start getting a gray eyebrow hair. THAT’S the day you really lose your will to live.

  6. My husband has been peppered since he was 20.
    I’ve colored my hair so much I wouldn’t know if I did have any gray. Ha!

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