Posted by: bourbonmama | 14/09/2009

Reason #14 Why I am NOT the Crazy Cat Lady

Two posts in one day.  Man, y’all are lucky.  So, the other day I was at work, and there was this lady.  Oh, wait, I should tell you that I work in a kids’ consignment shop.  OK, so there was this old lady that came in and she’s looking for preemie clothes.  So, I try and find her some and the whole time she’s talking about what I thought was a grand-daughter.  I’d pick something up and hold it out to her.  “Oh, I don’t think she’d fit in that, she’s really small.”  Of course the whole time I’m thinking, ‘well, she’ll grow into it eventually, right?’  So, she makes her way up to the counter and then she says, “Ya know, most people come in here and they’re dressing up their kids.  I come in here to buy clothes for a doll.”  Oh, for her grand-daughter’s doll.  OK.  “I guess I just need some grandkids.”  Huh?  “Sometimes, I even cut a hole in the back and put them on my cat.”  Are you freakin’ kidding me?  So, I give her her change, and I tell her that we’ll be bringing out our Halloween costumes soon.  “Oh, do you have any preemie sizes?” 

“Uh, I dunno, I haven’t seen any.”

“Oh, well, I’m probably going to have to just make her one.”

Oh.  My.  Gawd.  Please, oh, please let her bring her DOLL trick-or-treating at my house.  And, that is how I tell a story in real life.


  1. Yikers!

  2. I was a waitress for years, and every year we hosted a banquet that had a number of middle aged ladies, many of whom were well, touched. Not REALLY, but just odd people, right?

    One of them? BROUGHT A DOLL ONE YEAR.

    And then, as if THAT wasn’t bad enough?


    Oh yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. She did.

    • That is awesome!

  3. This is hilarious!!

  4. This is hilarious!

  5. That gives new meaning to “Crazy Cat Lady”.

  6. Hey! Visit my blog for an award!!


  7. i want my sister to dress up her stupid cat for halloween. but i think it would give the cat a stroke.

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