Posted by: bourbonmama | 02/10/2009

They’re Ba-ack

Umm, yeah, so I just spent 15 minutes trying to be all incognito while taking pictures of the redneck decorating display across the street.  I don’t do incognito very well.  I put my camera on the night portrait setting, hoping to get a better picture than last year, and found out that, according to kodak,  “night portrait” actually means “blinding flash bulb.”  I so did not want to explain to my neighbors that the reason I was taking pictures of their holiday spirit was so I could make fun of them on my blog, so I ran.  So, out of the 20 I took before that, here’s the best (after I cropped it and messed with the exposure).  You’re welcome.

Best.  Neighbor.  Ever.

Best. Neighbor. Ever.

What you can’t see is that the “haunted house” has animatronics.  Just like Disneyland.  And, it plays creaking door noises and witch cackling (seriously, dude, how does spellcheck not know witch?  I felt like an idiot looking it up in a real dictionary.  Yeah, that’s right, spellcheck, I said it).  Awesome.  Can’t wait till November first.


  1. ohhhh…. awesome!!! my fake pumpkins are out. nephew wants to be a gorilla for halloween.

    • I wanted Nate to be a gorilla. I couldn’t find a costume in his size (that wasn’t $40). So, he’ll be a giraffe instead.

  2. I’m jealous that I haven’t found a house decorated quite as well as your neighbors. :)

  3. That’s pretty much the awesomest thing ever.

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