Posted by: bourbonmama | 11/11/2009

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

It’s that time again.  The air is crisp, the leaves are turning.  We just put away Halloween costumes.  Oh, yeah, it’s time again for Caroline’s neighbors decorate waaaaaaaaay too early.  (Yo, this should totally make up for that crappy tiny picture I took with my phone.  Consider that a preview).  So, I have figured out that no matter what setting, my little Kodak just does not take good pictures in the dark without a blinding flash.  So, I planned it out this time.  Every night, about an hour before sunset, he comes out and starts the fans (oh, yes, these get inflated, and then deflated every night).  He walks around, repositioning them, holding up the more intricate ones so they don’t get tangled, and standing on the sidewalk surveying his masterpiece.  Then, he goes inside.  Then, it’s too dark and I can’t get the pic.  Last night, I said screw slank it.  He’s asking for attention, he can’t get mad if I take a picture.

from my driveway

No, that's not a flash you saw.

 What I didn’t know, was that he was there, all hidden in that mess.  I saw him jerk his head in my direction.  I turned around and looked the other way.  Crap.  His wife and daughter came out and they talked for a minute.  Then they all three walked down their driveway.  I was going over my defense in my head, when they turned the other way and walked down the street.

My chance!  My golden opportunity.  Man, are y’all gonna love this.  Now first, pretend you hear Christmas music.  Nice, cheesy Christmas music…

I love my neighbors

it gets better every year

 I’ve cropped it, so we can take a closer look.  

number 1



 Just let the classiness soak in.  And, I’m spent.



  1. oh.

    and i think that’s the burger king.

    ohmygah!!! that’s ridiculous. holy SHIT, y’all!!!

    • Ohmagawd. It IS the Burget King. Touche.

      • Actually, on second look, I’m sticking with the muppet chef. I’m gonna make sure tonight.

  2. That is the biggest clusterfuck of Christmas decor I’ve ever witnessed. WOW.

  3. We used to live next to people who covered everything in lights. (This was before inflatables.) They started on November 1 and just kept adding right through Christmas. They covered their dog graves with lights and made a cross out of their TV antenna. They stuck fake pointsetias in their grass. You could possibly see them from space.

    I feel your pain.

  4. Totally the muppet chef! Wow… I mean… w-o-w. I am seriously shocked there isn’t fake snow all over the yard! This is beautiful… makes me so glad to live in Kentucky. *sigh*

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