Posted by: bourbonmama | 23/11/2009

I don’t have the energy to write a complete post

Nate got super sick.  We had his first trip to the ER.  He didn’t talk for almost a week because his mouth and throat hurt so bad.  Now that he’s feeling better, I can’t get the kid to shut up!  Full sentences people.  FULL sentences.  Like, “Mama Daddy not nice.”  Shut up, it doesn’t matter what the sentence is about, as long it’s a sentence.  In our defense, we had just put drops in his ears, so…


I think I jumped the gun on the whole white trash Christmas thing.  He’s put out more decorations.  Taken over his neighbor’s yard.   And, I can’t find the muppet chef.  I think I’ll have to do a second edition.  Would y’all like that?  OR does it just prove that I have absolutely jack and shit to talk about?


What the crap happened to Sesame street?  Seriously, man?  It’s now 20 minutes of Elmo’s world, and freakin’ Abby Cadabby cartoons, claymation Bert and Ernie, and Baby Bear, who seriously needs to be punched.  Right in the throat.  Maybe then he’d be able to pronounce his R’s and L’s.  And where the slank is the Count?  Or Oscar?  I love how Google put them on the title thingies, but they’re never on the freakin’ show.  Whatever, still better than Barney, right?


   My birthday was last month.  It still hasn’t even sunk in that I’m 29 24.  I wanted to do something special and have people guest post, but ya know, thing got a little crazy.  Anyone wanna do a belated guest post about how special and wonderful and funny and young I am?


My house is a freaking mess.  I was cleaning up yesterday and my birthday card from my grandma.  It stopped me dead in my tracks and I had to sit down and look at it.  I am so not looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas without them. 



  1. post more pics!

    omg, i can’t believe nate is talking in full sentences. that’s totally rude and inconsiderate. he’s grounded.

    i will totally do a belated guest post, but it will have to be next week! or maybe this week. i don’t know. there will be 10 people at my house for thanksgiving and i’m FREAKING OUT.

  2. Oooo… can’t wait to see more pics! ‘Cause I’m not doing jack shit either and it’ll make my day!

    I’m seriously disappointed with da Street too! It’s just not the same anymore!

  3. I require more pictures to be happy. You must make me happy.

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