Posted by: bourbonmama | 27/11/2009

Blast From the Past

So, I got a message from this guy on facebook telling me that this other guy wants to talk to me.  This other guy and I went out on one date nine years ago.  I had a huge crush on him.  He was young, and hot and Irish Scottish foreign.  Insert sexy accent factor here.  We had one date.  I was 20.  We went our separate ways.  He met some girl, she had his baby, they went to Ireland or Scotland, I can never keep them straight.  Probably one of the reasons we never had a second date. 

Then, about a year ago, I saw him, at the grocery store.  We caught up as much as you can in the checkout lane.  I told him to find me on myspace, blah, blah, blah.  Now, the guy from facebook is telling me that the other guy is going back to Ireland, or Scotland, or wherever, and wants to talk to me before he leaves.  This is weird, right?  Why do I feel like he’s gonna tell me he’s pregnant with my baby or something?  It’s really weirding me out.  Do I call this guy?  What do I say?  It’s not like we were ever close.  Why does he want to talk to me?  Seriously, do I call this guy?

p.s.  It’s Scotland, I just checked my message and it’s titled Scottish so-and-so is leaving and wants to talk to you.  I’ll just call him that, then maybe I can remember to not call him Irish.



  1. Scottish accents drive me wild!! Go for it girl!!

  2. i hate games. why doesn’t the guy just contact you? why is he putting someone else in the middle? why is the person in the middle, in the middle? was he asked to be in the middle? or did he take it upon himself to put himself in the middle?

    now i’m curious, though. want me to facebook him? i’m putting myself in the middle. lemme talk to him and i’ll be your filter. because i’m that kind of friend :)

  3. Oooh. Intrigue and mystery. Call him.

  4. Scottish = sexy… call him!!

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