Posted by: bourbonmama | 16/03/2010

My boy, he turned two in January.  So, I figured March would be a good time to do a birthday post.  Because I’m punctual, that’s why.

Two years old, multiple years.  It’s insane how fast he went from multiple months to multiple years.  I no longer have to stop and do the math when someone asks me how old he is.  Around Thanksgiving, he started talking, and talking and talking and never shutting up.  He talks in his sleep (he gets that from me) and snores (from Philip, even though he doesn’t believe me).  And, sleeps with his butt in the air, legs and arms and blankie stuffed underneath him.

He’s been going potty.  And, there will be no baby potty seat, no, no, no, not for my boy.  He wants to sit on mama’s potty.  So, we sit and hover, over the toilet and pee.  Just like a big boy.  And, so the diaper genie went into the pile of stuff to sell, as will the changing table.    The only baby thing left will be the crib.  And, then I will have to face the reality that my baby is no longer a baby.  He even said it the other day.  “Nate’s a big boy!”  And my heart broke a little.  It ached to hear him say, “No, mama, Nate’s a baaay-be.

And, here’s a video of him with two of my brothers and my sister, she’s off screen, she doesn’t like the camera.


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